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To properly introduce myself, I am offering FREE readings thru Sunday, Feb 6th.

Simply choose which reading you would like from my services and use the reading submission form on the "message me" page. Please indicate on your request form which reading you've chosen and submit! I will complete your reading in 24-48hrs.

I welcome your feedback after your reading via contact form so I can continue to improve. 

The Hermit's Journey


The Hermit is old and wise. With his sturdy walking stick, he stands on a mountain top, and with his lantern, he beckons.

He calls on every one of us to stop and take time away from the hustle and bustle, time for ourselves to hear our inner voice. He has walked the path in search of knowledge of who he is and his soul's purpose in this life he was created for. 

He reminds us that the path is one we will have to walk alone but with his lantern to light our way, reassures us that we will never be truly alone.

Discover your Hermit Crystals to help you walk your path. 
We each have a Soul stone to help light our way, a Wisdom stone to help us navigate our truth and hear our inner voice, and a Vitality stone to provide the healing energy our body needs along with the endurance and determination to reach the mountaintop.

Find your Hermit Crystals today with an intuitive reading!

Handmade Custom Jewelry Designed By Intention

Discover the crystals that are aligned with your intention and learn about their metaphysical properties.

Shop for jewelry to support your intentions and inspire change in your life.

Make your intentions a reality with beautiful crystal jewelry designed just for you & your situation. 

Raw, Semi-Precious, Precious, Rare, Pearls & Gemstone Beads

Crystal Intention Jewelry
Hermit Crystals

Meet Erinne..

Empath - Healer - Intuitive - Crystal Expert - Jeweler

Get guidance from an intuitive empath/healer with a deep connection to crystals and their healing energy. Walking my own Hermit Path I have found my soul purpose with Crystals & Jewelry. For over 10 years I have found great joy in helping others discover the "right" Crystals that resonate best with them, and love the opportunity to create custom jewelry. Often I am guided by the crystals themselves with designs that are unique and made just for you.  



Personalize your session to get the kind of guidance that best fits your needs.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing 

For those near the Mesa, AZ area I offer crystal healing sessions tailored just for you. Experience the benefit of the healing energy of crystals!

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Explore my intuitive Tarot readings for one that best fits your situation. My readings combine Tarot, Astrology & Numerology to give a more complete answer to your questions. 

Crystal Suggestions

Intuitive Crystal Suggestions

New to crystals? Struggling to find the "right" crystal for you or your situation? Get a crystal suggestion reading from an expert!


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